Birthday Parties

Have your next birthday party with us!

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If you are interested in making your child's next birthday party a unique, fun and educational experience, look no further than RobotCity Workshop!

We will have plenty of activities to keep your group engaged and entertained while celebrating your special one's birthday!

REGISTER HERE or CONTACT US to learn more!

Parties are available at 11:30 AM or 3:00 PM on Saturdays and Sundays.

Price: $40 per child

Parties last two hours and include all party supplies including decorations, plates, cups, napkins, and goodie boxes. You provide the snacks, drinks and cake.

Each child will receive a robot kit to build during the party and take home with them. We will provide instruction, supplies, tools and assistance.

Love the idea of having robots at your birthday party, but prefer to celebrate at home? Planning a party with more people than we can fit in our store? Contact us to learn about RobotCity's offsite birthday parties -  where we bring the robots to you!

Choose one of five different robot kits to build at your party:



Robot Duck

Build this quirky and fun robot and watch him waddle across the floor just like a duck!

See it in action:






Smart Robot

Our ever popular bump and go robot really gets around! With a clever motorized sphere, it can navigate a room and automatically move awayfrom walls and other objects. It can even solve mazes—smart!

See it in action:


Our Art-Ful drawing robot loves to vibrate and spin his marker tipped legs to create some colorful drawings for you! Remove the markers and Doodlebot transforms into a battling War-bot!

See it in action:


Watch this motorized bug scurry across the floor like a futuristic beetle. Put on the rubber traction pads and take the action outdoors. Robo-Bug can crawl over sand and rocks, pull objects, and even climb up hills. Ready to set him loose?

Box Robot

This kit reuses its own package box to build a motorized robot. You draw on the box surface to make your own unique robot design. The kit is environmentally friendly and creates very little rubbish. It is a really cool science project... Making the most of your green creativity. This kit is a great choice for younger children!

See it in action: