EZ-B Robot Controller

EZ-B Robot Controller
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Build your own robots with this incredible device! Using a blue tooth connection to your computer, the EZ-B robot controller will operate various servos, handle multiple input sensors and even provide speech recognition and vision! See http://www.ez-robot.com/ for videos, documentation and more. EZ-Robot Features: Compact in size Does not require a hardware programmer! EZ-B is shipped pre-assembled Wireless Class 2 (2.5 mW, 4dBm) Bluetooth (10 Meters/30 feet Range) Optional XBee/Synapse/WiFi Long Distance Communication iRobot Roomba Support Arduino Shield Support for Sensors & Peripherals 8 Analog to Digital Converters 20 Standard Serial TTL Ports (9600, 19200, 38400, 57600) 1 High-Speed Serial TTL Port (115200) 20 Digital Input/Output Ports 20 Servo Ports Servo Port Independent Position Speeds 20 PWM Ports (0-100% Duty Cycle) PWM Port Independent Ramp Speeds I2C Interface TellyMate Video Output Support Includes Visual Basic, C# and C++ SDK and Custom Scripting Controls Customizable Interface (Create your own Controls) Operates at 40 mhz 5 Amp Fuse Powerful 5 amp 5 Volt regulator powers the bus Powered 3 wire connector for all bus I/O Lifetime firmware and SDK updates No microcontroller programming experience needed! Connect up to 5 EZ-B's (100 Digital I/O or 100 Servos and 40 Analog Inputs) Graphical Interface Design Speech Synthesis Joystick Support Servo Control Auto Collision Detection Speech Recognition BlinkM Controls H-Bridge Control Advanced Custom Scripting Vision Color/Motion/Glyph/Facial Tracking via Webcam Auto Collision Detection Wii Remote GPS Tracking RSS Feed Audible Support Magnetic Compass Navigation Touch Pad Tablet Controls AR Parrot Drone Flying Robot Support Brookstone Rover Tank Support EZ-Cloud v1 - enables file sharing online Vuzix Augmented Reality Twitter Command Integration Telnet Server Up to 200 EZ-Builder Instances can be Networked to One Robot HTTP/Web Server for iPhone/Android/Remote connectivity and control eZ430 Texas Instruments Chronos Programmable Wrist Watch WowWee Robot Platform Support for RoboSapien and RoboQuad And More!