Mechanical Kangaroo

Mechanical Kangaroo
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This amazing kangaroo-robot jumps by moving its rear legs simultaneously to go forward. When walking slowly, it also uses its front legs (just like they do down under) and when running quickly, it uses its tail for balance. Legs and body on which the gearbox is mounted employ transparent-colored parts, giving the kangaroo a funky look. Reverse switch is also transparent, giving you a peek at the kangaroo's internal mechanisms. Assembly is very simple with use of screws and snap-lock parts. Cable ends are rubber capped with cut areas pre-marked for easy wiring. Low-speed gearbox makes the kangaroo walk using its front and rear legs. When using the low speed gearbox, rods are attached to the upper holes of front legs. Changing rod position using different holes in the crank plate gives you 4 different speed possibilities within slow speed mode. Changing the position of the tail allows the kangaroo to keep balance during high-speed running and enables it to change direction. Putting the tail straight will make the kangaroo go straight but setting it to the right/left will make the kangaroo turn to the right/left. Screwdriver for assembly is included. Requires one AA battery (sold separately). Continuous running time with Alkaline battery: 3hrs. at low speed/1hr. at high speed. These Tamiya animal kits are fun to build--collect them all!